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Vinicola Decordi presents a new line of environmentally friendly products. Supèrbio is obtained with organic grapes, with no use of OGM and respects the nature during the whole production process: from the attention to energy saving, to the employment of Recyclable and Reused resources, such as the partially recycled glass, the FSC-certified paper and the low use of inks.
However, a product of this kind wants to do more for the nature! That’s the reason why Vinicola Decordi decided to support the project OASI LIPU, devolving a contribution to the care of these “beautiful jewels of biodiversity”.
Supèrbio is a registered brand in over 30 countries; its name is a cross between the adjective “superb” and the noun “superbia”. Did you read Sùper Bio? Freud would say that you really liked the product!


Supèrbio caps can be either screw- or cork-caps. In the first case, they are made of recycled steel and by using the less quantity of ink possible. In the second case, cork comes from certified productions, carried out in safeguarding nature.

Supèrbio bottle is made with variable percentages of recycled glass.

For the Supèrbio wines, we use labels that can be easily removed by the machines of our plant, in order to easily wash and then re-use the bottles, with a remarkable saving of Co2 emission. The glue we use to stick them to the bottles itís casein-based.

The case of Supèrbio is extremely light and 100% made of recycled paper so it is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Once the bottle is empty, please remember to put it in the specific bin, just like the screw-cap in the cans bin, and the cork-cap in the organic waste one. A small gesture will let you save a lot of Co2 and make even more beautiful our environment.


A wine can be defined organic when it is the fruit of a farming and productive philosophy that favours the relationship with the territory and nature and, more in general, genuineness and authenticity: to be so considered, a wine has to be produced without the use of chemicals and sulphites and with reduced employment of water resources. Moreover, organic farming techniques have to be adopted, in order to prevent parasitic attacks in a natural way.
Here are some indications of the European normative CE 203/2012, which producers shall respect to label their wines “organic”:
- Ban on the use of some substances and some practices, such as desulphurisation, dealcoholisation, concentration by cooling, electro-dialysis or the employment of cation exchangers;
- Ban on the use of substances of chemical origin, while are allowed those of animal, mineral or vegetable origin (for example, gum arabic, isinglass, casein, albumin, bentonite, perlite and other biological raw materials);
- Ban on the use of quantities of sulphur dioxide higher than the admitted level (100 mg/l for organic white dry wines, 150 mg/l for organic red dry wines).


Born in 1965, Lipu is the major association for birds protection in Italy: it’s a charitable trust, a voluntary association and an Onlus, a non-profit-making organisation. It is the Italian partner of BirdLife International, which is the biggest network of associations in the world for the protection and safeguard of birdlife and biodiversity.
More than 4616 are the natural hectares where thousands of animal and vegetable species find refuge: woods, shores and coasts, marshes, ponds, lakes, mountains, countryside… perfectly preserved in their original beauty. Places that are visited every year by thousands of people, where to discover nature and observe animals.

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